App Development & Your Business

App Development & Your Business
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We are in an age where everything is accessible at your fingertips. Smartphones are constantly attached to us, and we can find out a fact, answer or even just what the weather’s doing on the other side of the globe in seconds. So if your business doesn’t have an app – why not?

App Development & Your Business

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The Cost


The cost of making your own app can vary – especially if you are getting somebody to help you through the whole process. Generally speaking, they start in the low thousands if you are getting somebody in just to guide you with an idea, rising up with the more experience that you require in. Obviously doing it all yourself will see a massive dent in any bill that you need to fork out, but you need to know a lot about the platforms that your app will be used on (remember it’s not just iPhones that have an app store…) and do all of the codings to compute  this.


The Snags


It is best to get all known snags dealt with and put to one side before you decide to go live with your app – that’s a given. There are sites like which are able to collect test metrics for the software that you are designing, alerting you to things within the test process that you should have done (again, from websites such as the one quoted). This means that bugs that were previously unidentified can be worked upon, as well as nudges to just how bad the bugs before have been and how to improve on the testing that has already been carried out. This is crucial for being able to get your app ready for release to the general public – no matter how simple it may be to use.

App Development & Your Business

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The Benefit


Everybody is using some sort of app at the moment, but the benefit lies much deeper than that. You will be able to see what and who your target demographic are if you enable location services, and can gather data through the app to use to your advantage for marketing skills. Utilizing what you have in front of you can not only help to save on costs in the long run but will also give you insights more quickly in order to increase your visibility across other platforms, such as social media.


Everything Else


Essentially, you should be getting with the times regardless of what your business is. There is so much that can be done with an app, and so many different routes that you are able to take with it that it’s definitely worth doing. Even just a short introduction to what you do, what you are about and how you can help the person that is looking can be all that you need to gather their business. It’s about getting into the psychology of the consumer; this is just an extra touch that you are doing in order to gain their business. Embrace it and explore it – there is so much that it has to offer.

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