How to Tell a Better Story and Increase Conversions in 2022

How to Tell a Better Story and Increase Conversions in 2022
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Your customers may not be very interested in your troubles. What they’re actually interested in are how you can help with their troubles—how your products or services can create solutions to whatever hurdles they’re facing.

How do you tell them that you can do that? By sharing anecdotes—stories, humorous or serious—about what you’ve done for other people. Your honesty, as long as it feels authentic, can be a great identifier for people. The stories don’t always have to be successful; they can be failures, too. The point is that you are sharing and they can find a way to fit into your narrative.



Use Anecdote To Tell Your Customers A Story

Share stories about the pain points of your customers & how you have helped them to overcome it. The first step is to share an anecdote about having been in a similar situation, one your potential customers can relate to. In this way, you can empathize with your clients’ situation  & can convince them that you can solve their problem with your skills as you have successfully done for similar clients in similar situations before.



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Types Of Stories:

  • Challenge
  • Connection
  • Creativity
  • Unique Solution



Be Transparent & Tell Customers About Your Hurdles

If you are always claiming to be the best company in the world who don’t fail ever then you are probably misleading your customers. Hence, it is wise to be transparent & tell your audience about your failures & how you have bounced back fit. It can lead to a lot of disappointment and trouble if and when things don’t go as planned. It’s important for your customers to know how you’ll respond when that happens, and what you’ll do to make it right. You can mention such experience where things didn’t work out the way for your clients as it is supposed to be & how you counter-acted  in that situation to solve the problem & attain the end goal of your clients eventually. 



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Be Specific, Be Focused (Only Say What’s Important)

You should be absolutely clear about the value proposition of your products & services   & avoid any extraneous information that can confuse the clients.

You should try to focus on the exact benefits that a client could get from your product rather than listing all the features of your product most of which are of no use to your potential customers. Hence, to convey you should design & convey the actual benefits in a concise manner that a client can get after purchasing your product.



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  • Case Studies



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How to Tell a Better Story and Increase Conversions



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So, next time when you are in a dilemma about writing a content to strike a chord with your audience for your Digital Marketing campaigns, put your literary side to work. Go share some anecdotes the ones your customers can relate to, flaunt your failures in a cool way & tell them how you have eventually overcome them. Last but not the least write specific & focused white papers & blog posts mentioning the real benefits that your clients can get from your product.



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