Please Don’t Run Your Digital Ads Before Reading This!

Please Don’t Run Your Digital Ads Before Reading This!
December 9, 2021 No Comments Digital Marketing IPSSWEB SOLUTIONS

For many people I have spoken to their ADS are either running OK, not well or they have given up on it entirely. So in this post I am going to shed some light on why this is the case and what we are doing that is so completely different from everything else out there. The first place that most businesses start with to bring in new clients is ADS. And this makes sense. If people are going on to Google and searching for a specific service in their local area they are what is considered ‘high intent’ they have a need and they are looking for a solution in the near future. Only 2% of the entire market are looking for your service right now.So you are fighting with all the other competitors for this small segment of the market. So let’s set expectations right. With all the competition in the one place this isn’t going to be easy.

The next challenge is how many people on any given day are searching for “your service near me”?

You have no control over this and there is a ceiling on the number of potential prospects that can come to you in any given day based on the number of searches that are being conducted every day. So… Even if you have the best ADS strategy in your area and you are killing it there is still a limit to the number of new clients that you can bring in based on the number of searches for your service so you should supplement your acquisition with other digital channels. Now let’s look at your ads. The most important thing to know is that you are building a digital ecosystem.This includes everything that happens from your ad through to booking a consultation and beyond. So you could have the best ADS in the world but if a prospective client clicks through to your homepage or a shabby landing page they will leave.

So ADS performance needs to be reviewed at every step through the journey.

Build a digital ecosystem not just ADS. Think about what you want your prospect to think, feel and do at every stage.

And now let’s look at your ad text. What are you saying about your services that is different from your competition? Not much probably because what can you say? You’re offering the same service, you have the same skills, the same pricing and a great culture etc. And so you find yourself trying really hard to come up with ideas about how you can sound different, or (and this is even worse) offering discounts that you don’t want to do just to get these prospects to come to you. It’s an ongoing head to head battle.

So then if the problem is that you can’t differentiate yourself in your ads, what’s the solution?

The solution is to turn everything on its head and change your approach completely. This is a complete mindset change. You cant keep doing the same things and expect a different result. Tweaking your ad text just may not be enough…

So here’s what we do and why our approach is so radically different…

We don’t build AD Campaigns

We build a Strategy.

And from the Strategy the ADS campaigns come.

This is huge and it’s everything.Everyone is focused on how do I get ADS to work rather than asking the most important question which is what is my go-to-market strategy? When you have a strategy you have a goal, you have an audience profile, you have a strong understanding of the competition, you have a brand identity and you have a hypothesis framework to execute from. You have so many options to do so many different things, if one thing doesn’t work it doesn’t matter.

We understand the Clients’ Buying Journey

For high ticket services in particular there is a journey that clients go on from the moment they become problem aware through to going ahead with the service. When you know what this is then you know how to speak to clients based on where they are in this journey and what they need to know to move them along the process and to finally book.

So let me ask you these questions:

  •  Where are you in your business? Are you just starting out with a new product or service  or you’re looking to scale  an already established business?
  • What specific problem your product or service is solving? And is that a “Real Problem” which a substantial number of  people in your vicinity are facing?
  • What differentiate your product or service from the bazillions providing the same solutions?
  • Do you know your “Target Market” precisely? You cannot just carpet bomb your ADS to everyone in the universe!
  • Do you know where your prospects are on their buying journey? Or do you go straight for the sale everywhere and all the time?  You cannot just create the same AD  with a generic message for everyone of your prospects & expect them to buy from you right away! 
  • Do you know what your prospects need to feel confident and certain in going ahead with this service and that this should be with you?

So when you have the answers to these questions then you build out marketing that helps your target audience make an informed buying decision while also establishing you as the authority in your market.

If you’d like to consult us for devising a customized marketing strategy tailor-made for your business you can send us a message here on FB Messenger or WhatsApp us +919903422038  for a quick consultation.

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