Your Ultimate Linkedin Hacks for 2022!

Your Ultimate Linkedin Hacks for 2022!
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Linkedin today is the world’s largest professional network which connects job seekers with businesses  & businesses with potential clients & employees. It has evolved into a great tool for building a robust network through content sharing  & community development. In fact,  according to the latest stats in 2021 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and fully 79% of B2B marketers say that Linkedin has been an effective avenue for lead generation.

But, here is the thing you need to have a specific strategy to build a relationship with your targeted audience as randomly connecting with strangers could impact your profile negatively. So, what strategy should you use to build a healthy network that would benefit you? Let’s dive in!


For Individuals

  • Make sure you fill all your profile details thoroughly as it has been seen that completed profiles get the maximum number of views.
  • Discover connections & stay connected by sending messages or notes to connections once in a while.
  • Endorse & Recommend your connections to built trust & your connections will do the same for you.
  • Promote your LinkedIn profile on other social networking sites like on your Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus accounts. You can also link back to them from your LinkedIn account.
  • Join niche Groups in your industry  & take an active part in discussions to increase your brand visibility.
  • Share interesting & informative content in your updates to keep your connections engaged.

For Your Company Page

  • Use an engaging header image which reflects your company’s mission which will intrigue an audience to dive in for more.
  • Ensure to write an enthralling description of your company to grab the attention of your audience.
  • Keep your page up-to-date. Your page should reflect the activities & events that are happening within your company like launching a new product or service, awards, reviews, events organized by your company etc. This will increase your brand visibility in New’s Feeds.
  • Make use of Advanced Search – search by location, current company, industry, past company, school, profile language, and nonprofit interests in order to shortlist your potential employees or leads. 
  • Use  Save Search to save your searches in order to follow up with your Advanced Search later on.
  • Search Groups in your niche according to relationship level, category, and language. You can shortlist your niche groups by Highly Relevant & Active filters which are very useful to find & join groups which can boost your brand visibility.
  • Publish engaging content regularly to get featured on LinkedIn Pulse which is a great platform for your brand exposure.

Some  Secret Cool LinkedIn Hacks That You Must Know


  • Write For Masses if you want to get lots of engagement on your LinkedIn posts over content that only appeals to a tiny group of experts.  If you’re writing content which appeals to everybody in general irrespective of the industry & skillset then you’re bound to get a lot of traction. In short, if you want to go viral, go broad.
  • Crosspost to LinkedIn anything that has driven high engagement on Facebook or Twitter. If your content has been already popular on other social media platforms then you can just leverage it here by reposting on LinkedIn.
  • Don’t share your post directly after you’ve published it. Grab the URL and create an update about your post explaining who would benefit from reading it. This allows you to give more context
  • Ask questions often don’t just post links to start a discussion. LinkedIn feed algorithm seems to weight comments than passive “likes”.  Hence make sure you post “open-ended questions” often to set up a start of a conversation instead of just blindly sharing links from your blog redundantly.
  • Include a CTA in the summary section of your profile –  Include a proper email,  link to the “learn more” or “buy now” page on your brand website. Make sure that people who are on your LinkedIn are directed to ONE easy action.
  • Download your contacts from LinkedIn, then upload them to Facebook Ad Manager as a “Custom Audience” to retarget them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Get Your Employees to post useful content regularly related to your brand on their personal LinkedIn profiles.  Make your employees your brand ambassadors and the face of your company through employee advocacy programs.

These are some of the cool hacks that can catapult your LinkedIn platform into a potent marketing weapon for your business. The key is to create engaging & relevant content for your network frequently to build Brand Awareness & create a long-term relationship with your prospects before pitching your ideas or applying for a job.


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